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Membership BenefitsAMBASSADOR CLUB

A membership card that provides special benefits including discount and point saving

Major benefits Discount on rooms, restaurants and bars, Point saving, Hotel E-newsletter, Special promotions for members only
Membership fee Free

Introduction to membership subscription

  • - Membership subscription : Free of charge
  • - Place of issuance of membership cards : Ambassador Hotels, website of Ambassador Hotels (www.ambatel.com)
      and Syrup application (mobile membership)
  • - Issued to : All hotel customers
  • - Ineligible : Organizations, corporations, associations, minors (aged under 19), customers falling under certain hotel-designated categories
  • 앰배텔 멤버십 이용 호텔 및 특전
  • * Ambatel.com Best Price Guarantee
  • * Discount on rooms : Applicable only for reservations at www.ambatel.com. (Not applicable for room packages)
  • * Occasions when no discount is available : Banquet events, certain promotional events, or when used together with another membership card
      or affiliated benefit.
  • * ‘OCELAS’ Spa at Grand Ambassador Seoul : 1 % point accumulation / Point use available

AMBASSADOR CLUB Membership grades and privileges

  • Ambassador Club shall classify its members into four grades -- Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum -- based on the criteria provided by the hotel. The membership grades shall be classified based on the following criteria:
  • Available Hotel : Grand Ambassador Seoul, Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon, Pullman Ambassador Changwon, Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam/Seoul Doksan/Daegu, Ibis Style Ambassador Seoul Gangnam/Seoul Myeongdong, Ibis Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong/Seoul Insadong/Seoul Dongdaemun/Suwon/Busan Haeundae, Ibis Budget Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun/Busan Haeundae (15 Hotels)
  • - Such privileges shall be provided only to the members themselves and for reservations eligible for point accumulation.
  • - Executive Lounge Access will be excluded at Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon, Pullman Ambassador Changwon.
  • - The grade structure, privileges, and particulars may be modified depending on the hotel’s operational conditions.

How to apply for the membership

  • Application at Ambassador Hotels (17 hotels in Korea where the membership card is accepted)
  • 1. Fill in the application form for the AMBASSADOR CLUB at the front desks, or the counters of the restaurants.
  • 2. The AMBASSADOR CLUB card will be issued immediately.
  • 3. Get the membership benefits such as a discount and point accumulation.

Benefits for members

  • Point accumulation
  • - Room : 5% of the amount paid
  • - Restaurant : 1% of the amount paid (meal and beverage charges only)
  • - Banquet : 0.5% of the amount paid (meal and beverage charges only)
  • - Occasions when no points are accumulated : Already discounted amount, tax, some promotional events, mini bar, room service, gift certificate,
      membership coupons, amount of used points, reservations made through other online sites than www.ambatel.com, travel agent products,
      or when used together with another membership card

  • Use of points : 1 point = 1 Won / The lowest unit of use: 1,000 points (AMBASSADOR CLUB points are valid for 2 years)

  • Free Internet access

Inquiries about the membership

  • - Website : www.ambatel.com (Please leave your comment through the ‘Contact Us’ menu.)

Other information

  • * Please check the relevant terms and conditions or our guidelines on the handling of personal information at our website (www.ambatel.com).
  • * Only members may enjoy the membership benefits.
  • * Discounts and point accumulation/use apply only when a membership card is presented.
  • * Points that remain uncollected may be accumulated within 30 days by directly asking the hotel.
  • * If you subscribed for a mobile membership on Syrup application, a plastic card will not be mailed separately.
  • * Even if you have been issued with a plastic card before, you may ask for issuance of a mobile membership card.
  •   If you possess more than one card, the points will be managed collectively (If the personal information provided on essential items matches).
  • * If you fail to provide essential personal information (such as name, gender, date of birth, cell phone number), the use of your accumulated points
  •   may be restricted.
  • * We may terminate the membership of a member who has no record of using his/her membership card for 2 years.
  • * To check your record of accumulation and use of points, please follow the following procedure.
  • - Plastic membership card holders : Visit and register at www.ambatel.com -> Log in and click ‘Membership’ -> Card Registration (Enter the card number.) -> Status of points

Special benefits for the AMBASSADOR CLUB holders

	앰배서더 호텔 멤버십 회원만을 위한 특별한 혜택
  • Discounts may not be applicable for some room packages or promotions designated by the hotels.
  • The percentage of discount on rooms, restaurants and bars differs at each Ambassador hotel.